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Career Counseling

Career Counseling

My Career Path is a unique program designed by Limex to help students to find their best fit career through well defined analysis.

Bengali vasa porichoi
Aditi Chaterjee

Bengali vasa porichoi

This course is the surface layer of bangla grammer, where from you can get a clear picture on primary  bangla grammer. 

Mind Power NLP

Mind Power NLP

Explore The Power of Mind

MODULE 1 -Defining Mind

  • NLP Principles
  • The use of NLP in Personal Development and Business
  • Impact of NLP on Sales and Marketing


MODULE 2 Understanding and Managing Mind

  • How our brain filters perception
  • Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Digital
  • Communication Channels
  • Group Activity- VAK Communication Assessment
  • The 4 basic personality types  The strengths and weaknesses of each personality type
  • How to manage each personality type Self Assessment- Personality Profiling

MODULE 3 - Personal Branding and Making an Impact

  • Looking and being confident on first impression
  • How to gain trust and understanding immediately
  • Mirroring body language for gaining rapport
  • Creating positive states Role-play -First Impression and Circle of Excellence

MODULE 4 - Discover The power of Mind

  • How Brain Works
  • Mind Relaxing Exercise
  • Remote Viewing Exercise
  • Distance Healing Exercise
  • Problem Solving Exercise
  • Dream Control

MODULE 5 - Influencing Your Mind

  • Release Negative Emotion
  • Identify your Time Line
  • Engineering your Language

MODULE 6 – Super Charge your Mind

  • Super Charge your Memory
  • Super Charge Wheel of life
  • Super Charge your Life Purpose
  • Super Charge your Goal
  • Super Charge your Reading
  • Wheel of life Assessment

MODULE 7 – Law of Attraction

  • Understanding The Universal Law
  • How to eliminate negative vibration
  • How to create positive vibration towards abundance.
  • Attracting Abundance Exercise

MODULE 8 - Creating a Winner Attitude

  • Power of self talk and the dangerous words to avoid
  • How to discover and overcome limiting beliefs
  • How to empower and energize yourself
  • Creating a Well-formed Outcome for results
  • Anchoring a Winner Attitude
  • Creating a Personal Success Action Plan

Techniques and Methods of Managing and Controlling Anger that actually work
Madhumita Ghoshal

Techniques and Methods of Managing and Controlling Anger that actually work

  •  Art Of Anger Management
  • How To Make Your self Calm